Allie Eagle and Me is a 54-minute documentary, a story about the life and work of artist Allie Eagle told by film-maker Briar March. This online resource provides information about the film, as well as background on the Women’s Movement, Women’s Art Movement and Allie Eagle’s life and art, including links to unique archive, multi-media and more traditional materials. Anyone engaged in art practice, text analysis, film-making or the study of history, art history, gender studies, queer theory or theology should find fertile ground. The resource is designed to springboard secondary student’s research on a number of topics including second wave feminism and the New Zealand Women’s Art Movement. It also contains a study guide that specifically addresses aspects of the New Zealand NCEA for Art History. Because the film includes material on the abortion debate, teachers should use discretion when screening it or assigning discussion for junior high school classes.

Discussion and suggestions for further links, references, information or images are welcome.
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